Treatment Options



Remedial, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, pregnancy, trigger point and sport massage

Dry Needling


Segmental dry needling using acupunture needles

Joint Mobilisation


Gentle movements performed by the therapist, which encourage increased range of motion, decrease swelling and pain of the targeted joint

Casting, Splinting, Taping & Bracing


Treatment for fractures, minor and severe ligament and muscle tears using fibreglass casts, rigid strapping tape, basic to complex braces and thermoplastic splinting. Cast removal also available



Take to the pool for some hydrotherapy to help reduce the stress on your joints whilst you recover

Exercise & Stretching


Presciption of exercises and stretches to help increase strength and rehabilitate injured areas of the body

TilT table physiotherapy rehabilitation


Did you know we have our very own tilt table?

Tilt tables are used for people who are unable to weight-bear or stand independently. They are a great way for people to increase their independence with standing, transfers and eventually mobility. We use the tilt table to treat people who have neurological conditions or following surgery or trauma that are unable to stand on their own feet.